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The Board

Cameron Dougherty


Originally from California’s central valley, Cameron lives and works in Vancouver BC with his wife and their dog. Studying and working with glass has allowed Cameron to work in studios up and down the entire west coast of North America. However, the initial spark behind his lifelong journey with glass came over 14 years ago, while he was earning his degree in Business Information Systems at California State University Chico. After graduating he enrolled at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, followed by a 5 year apprenticeship in California.

In 2017 Cameron moved to Vancouver, BC and launched Dougherty Glassworks. He runs his business out of the Terminal City Glass Co-op in East Vancouver, where he was the Studio Manager from 2018-2021.

Along with his own artistic development, Cameron is passionate about the growth and development of the artisan maker community. He enjoys training new students and apprentices and cultivating a love for for craft in others.

Tanya Droege

Born and raised on the western shores of British Columbia, Tanya Droege spent summers exploring the many nooks and crannies of the south coast by boat with her family as she developed a deep and lasting love for the ocean environment and the flora and fauna that is an integral part of this magnificent ecosystem. Her experiences as a young, single mother instilled in her a passion for creating her own inexpensive skin and beauty products, while a brush with thyroid cancer in her early 20’s led to an exploration of the health benefits of seaweed. Eventually these two interests intersected, and in 2015 her seaweed skincare company Sealuxe was born. 

From a humble beginning at small craft markets, Sealuxe has continued to expand and now has a following across North America. Tanya’s passion for learning and experimenting has led to a wide range of products (which is constantly expanding) and her interest in sharing this knowledge has resulted in the writing of her first book, “Seaweed Skincare”.

Tanya lives a stone’s throw from the ocean in the beautiful seaside village of Crescent Beach with her husband David, her daughter Ceara, her son-in-law Dallas, grand-baby Benjamin, and their ocean-loving golden retriever, Tootsie Roll. She and David continue their coastal exploration every summer onboard their boat “Doug”.

Pen-Hsuan Hsing

Pen was born in Taiwan. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Communication Design from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, she returned to Taiwan to work in the design and illustration industry for over 10 years before deciding to shift focus to family.

In 2011 she and her husband Arthur moved back to Canada where the greenery of their surroundings in North Vancouver was astonishingly inspiring.  In 2015 Arthur decided to utilize their garage to build a CNC (Computer Numerated Control) and ArtPen was born.

ArtPen Studio’s main working material is wood. The studio is the perfect outlet to merge Pen's background in art and design, and Arthur's background in engineering.  They assess the uniqueness of the natural wood, often locally salvaged in the Lower Mainland, and then the product is designed digitally. With the incorporation of modern maker technology, they are able to explore innovative ways to instil contemporary aesthetics into functional pieces, such as clocks and toys. All the creations are meticulously finished and natural texture of the wood is beautifully enhanced.

Greg Kawczynski

Greg Kawczynski has been a member of Circle Craft for over 25 years. In 1988 he emigrated to Canada from Poland, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, faculty of Sculpture.

He started working in ceramic arts in 2005, for an exhibition with Circle Craft, and presented few dozen of his birds, made in various techniques. Greg’s interest in joining the Board came from a curiosity of what challenges the organization is dealing with and a hope that his experience, as both an Artist and member, will be useful to both membership and staff.

Lorna Moffat

Lorna graduated from Glasgow School of Art with honours and postgraduate degrees in textile design. She set up in business making one of a kind stitched and collaged textiles for the home and sold her work in galleries and stores in both the UK and North America. She has also completed several large scale public art works around the UK in hospitals, libraries, mental heath clinics and schools.

Lorna left Scotland in 2002 and travelled around the world with her geologist husband and two kids until finally settling in Vancouver in 2012. The climate in BC inspired Lorna to replace the lustrous silks she used in the 90’s with warm wool Melton as a base for her collages. The many people she met and cultures she experienced in her travels have inspired her whimsical, colourful collage portraits. Also featured in her creations, inspired by the beauty of nature, are queen bees, leaves, birds and an explosion of flowers.

As a textile artist, fabric is Lorna’s paintbox of colour. She uses the sewing machine to piece together complex multi layered colourful, patterned fabrics with a limited range of stitches using an appliqué /collage technique. The act of making something beautiful from both shop bought and up cycled fabrics is a joyful, magical experience. A pillow is an everyday object and Lorna’s challenge is making something ‘extraordinary’ that’s seen as ‘ordinary’. Lorna exhibits her work around Vancouver and in galleries on Granville and Bowen island. She has exhibited at the Circle Craft Christmas Market since 2015.

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