Maya Bergeron

Maya Bergeron


Maya Bergeron

Medium: Textile
Location: Gibsons, BC
Member Since: 2024


Maya is the founder of Uni Design, a slow fashion and textile art project based in Vancouver, B.C., driven by a passion for sustainability and creative expression.

Uni began with a vision to transform fashion into a force for good. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand using upcycled and repurposed textiles of all kinds, including vintage linens, wool, silk and cotton.

Each piece is only one of one. They are all made with second-hand, carefully sourced "waste" materials. These textiles are patchworked together using a technique borrowed from modern quilting called improvisational sewing. This means that the fabric is created by putting together textile scraps in an abstract manner based on their size and weight.

The result is a celebration of fabric and colour that you can wear, wearable art!


I am driven by a great love for textiles, all the work that goes into creating them and the history behind each piece. Every part of them; the array of colours, the textures, different types of weaving or construction, as well as the way they link us through time and place. Through my work I hope to engage others in appreciating textiles, patchwork and the beauty of small but powerful details.


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