Thomas Bundic

Thomas Bundic

Medium: Wood
Location: Kamloops, BC
Member Since: 2010

Throughout my life and careers (first as a luthier and then as a high school wood work teacher) I have worked with a variety of exotic materials: gold, silver, bronze, legal trade antique ivory, baleen, bone and abalone.  However, it was at the age of 13 that I discovered my true love was working with wood.  I spent the next 43 years of my life acquiring the skills and knowledge I needed to create the things that once only existed in my dreams.  My true inspiration and most rewarding challenges now come from breaking the rules of traditional woodworking to create wooden bracelets that seem magical.  The distinct process I’ve developed to produce each piece individually combined with the intrinsic nature and beauty of wood makes every bracelet I create completely one of a kind.  When recently asked which of my bracelets was her favourite, my wife pointed out that my best piece is always “the next one.”


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