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Suzanne Nairne

Suzanne Nairne

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2002


Studying languages was an early love of Suzanne’s. At university she became involved in dance, developing a passion for it, studying and performing contemporary dance across Canada. After a month long stay in NY to take dance classes she resolved to go back to live. A few years later she did. She created her own work as a designer and maker of handmade table accessories and acrylic jewellery. At a craft fair in NYC she discovered a range of stunning, original, challenging, artisan created, contemporary metal jewellery, such as she never knew existed. That was a turning point and soon after Suzanne received a scholarship to study at The Craft Students League in NYC. There, she saw in the work and encouragement of teacher, Tamiko Kawata Ferguson, a sign of the direction she wanted to take to develop her own jewellery voice. Suzanne works in her East Van studio doing what she loves: her own different series as well as happily accepting commissions.


Suzanne aims for her work to be seen as a fusion of fine craft, art and design. She creates pieces that express a personal vision counter to the conformity and generic styles seen in produced and handmade markets today. Inspired by both architectural and environmental forms, her materials for the series are generally sterling silver / 14K / 18K gold. Resin, natural elements and more recently, acrylic, and pastel on paper are used in one of a kind pieces.

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