Susan Remnant

Susan Remnant

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Garibaldi Highlands, BC
Member Since: 2014


Susan Remnant is a jewellery artist specializing in enamel on metal. A background in ceramic sculpture and print making has has influenced her approach to metalwork, the three dimensional forms she created from clay and the surfaces that developed through the print making process remain integral aspects of her jewellery. A formal goldsmith apprenticeship gave her a solid technical foundation from which to explore traditional metal smithing techniques with an experimental approach to materials and processes. Many years of teaching have provided her the opportunity to work with other artists, sharing ideas and techniques in a creative environment.


I make jewellery that is inspired by the varied and often unexpected beauty found in nature. I record visual fragments, photographing interactions of geometry and organic form, light and shadow, organization and transformation. Employing metal, enamel and other materials I use an interplay of texture, colour, shape and form to explore the relationships of these elements and their infinite possibilities. My work is continually evolving as I pursue new directions and variations on a theme.

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