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Suzanne Squires

Suzanne Squires

Suzu An Jewelry

Medium: Jewellery
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2021

Suzanne Squires is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada and now resides in Vancouver, B.C. after spending the past 20 years in Northern Japan.

Suzuan’s design aesthetic is a fusion of years spent in Canada, travels in South East Asia and 20 years in Japan. 

Each enamel or resin piece is finely crafted from silver or bronze, a miniature painting with it’s own story. Suzu An uses simple asymmetrical forms for enamel and resin pieces and focuses on creating rich, layered textures. Layering and polishing create subtle, complex colours and enhance light. The philosophy of wabi sabi is part of her design aesthetic creating work which becomes more beautiful with time. 

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