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Russell Hackney

Russell Hackney

Russell Hackney Ceramics

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Bowen Island, BC
Member Since: 2020


Russell Hackney was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The area, commonly known as The Potteries, is the birthplace of a 300-year industry that has produced the world’s most renowned ceramics such as Royal Doulton and Wedgewood.

Russell comes from a long line of Master Ceramicists. His grandfather worked in a Potbank (pottery factory) for most of his life and his father, also in ceramics, spent much of his career modelling and mould making at various factories such as Portmerion. His father moved on to teaching and then later started his own company, Brunswick Ceramic Services. At 16, Russell joined the family business as his father’s apprentice. He modelled shapes and embossment designs for a variety of clients from large factories to small design firms and potters. One of his most notable achievements during that time was modelling a replica 19th Century clock that was presented to the Queen.

Russell immigrated to Canada 20 years ago to expand on his own personal artistic expression, and started Russell Hackney Ceramics. Today, in his Vancouver studio, Russell produces signature collections of ceramics, personal works, custom designs and provides mould-making services.

Russell holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Three-Dimensional Design. Russell and his wife Wendy live on Bowen Island,B.C. with their dog, Olive.


Creating is like 'finding' in a way. I have the curiosity to see what happens if I 'place that shape, that slight curve against that straight edge'. I sometimes wonder if creating work is simply a way of communicating with the wider world what you have 'found', simply wanting to share something that you have created / found to be interesting or even beautiful, hoping that the viewer will be blessed by it.


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