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Sasha Shkolnik

Sasha Shkolnik

Juvelisto Design

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Richmond, BC
Member Since: 2016


Sasha began her artistic journey at the State Art School in the Ukraine. Studying various art forms including theatre prop design, oil painting, and ceramics, she eventually found herself creating jewellery out of clay and porcelain. During this time, her imagination brimmed with the possibilities of jewellery design and a clear desire to seek further education in metal arts emerged. Upon creating her new home in Canada, she recognized the opportunity to pursue her passion for creating jewellery. After obtaining her diploma in Jewellery Art and Design, she went on to hone her skills for nearly twenty years working as a professional goldsmith for some of the most renowned jewellers in Vancouver, B.C. In 2008, Sasha began designing and creating custom pieces for private clients in her home-based studio in Richmond, B.C. As her clientele grew, it became apparent that she would need to expand her studio to keep up with the demand for her unique jewellery designs. In 2009, Juvelisto Design Inc. was born. Sasha designs and creates all her jewellery onsite at Juvelisto. Whether it’s her exquisite gold and gemstone jewellery pieces, her contemporary designs, or her silver and bronze nature-inspired works, Sasha’s collections are constantly evolving.


I recognize the beauty of my surroundings and draw on this as my primary source of inspiration. Whether it’s a seed pod from a wild landscape or the skyline of the city at night, I see the little details of everyday life as deserving of our awe and attention. True success for me as an artist and designer comes when I can convey this experience in a way that inspires and nourishes others.

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