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Sasha Shkolnik

Sasha Shkolnik

Medium: Jewllery
Location: Richmond, BC
Member Since: 2016

Sasha first studied at the State Art School in the Ukraine where she learned many different forms of art. She designed theatrical props, painted with oil and moved into making ceramics just to find herself creating jewellery out of clay and porcelain. It was then she knew that in order to express her talent to the best of her abilities she needed to learn metal arts.  Upon finding her new home in Canada it was then that she realized that she must pursue her jewellery passion. Sasha went back to school to study Jewellery Art and Design and continued on that path for nearly twenty years working as a professional goldsmith for some of the most renown jewellers in Vancouver, BC.

Sasha notices the little details in our everyday life that deserve awe and admiration. Her “Nuts and Pods” collection was inspired by the idea of a treasure hidden inside a pod, an object of beauty and affection nestled in between two halves of a shell. Just like in everyday life, we don’t always see the most precious things right away, they stay humble until finally discovered and admired. Created after the objects found in nature, this rustic organic line features very recognizable and familiar pods as well as some exotic kinds. Made in silver or bronze they vary from looking “raw” in white unfinished silver with polished highlights to different shades of patina over bronze. Each piece is set with different beads, pearls or gemstones.

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