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Lisa Samphire

Lisa Samphire

Medium: Glass
Location: Victoria, BC
Member Since: 1994

Lisa Samphire began her glass blowing career in 1985. After receiving her BFA with honours in printmaking from the University of Victoria, she studied at the Pilchuk glass school in Washington as well as the Corning Studio in New York.

Lisa has a direct, playful approach to glass that has resulted in a body of work of immense diversity. Blowing glass is a very physical and exciting process, which Lisa enjoys each time she tackles a new piece. She loves trying to resolve the aesthetic and technical challenges that the medium of glass presents. Using a variety of techniques, she constantly explores the properties of glass by following her intuition and feeding her curiosity.

Lisa continues to further her education and experience through personal study. She has also taught many courses at Red Deer College, spoken at several engagements, and been the feature of various publications and exhibitions.

Lisa has been recognized for her work over the years through various awards, scholarships and commissions, including selections by the Government of Canada and the Cheongjiu International Craft Biennale in South Korea.

“Glass is my chosen medium to express and explore my interests in making art. It’s the resolution of interrelated aesthetic and technical concerns that makes glass an exciting and challenging medium in which to work. The particular manipulation of glass allows me to express unique ideas and concerns that continue to evolve.”

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