Linda Doherty

Linda Doherty

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Burnaby and Stump Lake, BC
Member Since: 1985

Linda Doherty developed a passion for working with clay 40 years ago and the rapture continues today. She was born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, though today divides her time between Burnaby and the Nicola Valley.

Her methods of firing vary from raku, pit, and gas reduction to crystalline and wood- and salt-firing. She is inspired by nature and industry, which usually results in works on the edge of function.

“My first experience with clay was getting my boots stuck in the gumbo during the spring thaw. I hated and still hate mud, so it is ironic that I developed a passion for working with clay. From my first class over 30 years ago and throughout my life as a potter, I still find myself designing pots as I fall asleep at night. I enjoy the physicality of clay and pushing it to its limits.”

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