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Liz De Beer

Liz De Beer

Medium: Ceramics
Hometown: Gibsons, BC
Member Since: 2018

As a potter Liz has always been intrigued by natural products and processes. Growing up in Africa she was surrounded by a rich resource of wonderful design elements in nature from which she draws inspiration. Her dad used to pick up porcupine quills in the fields on the farm and would then turn them into actual writing instruments. The use of quills on her pots provides a functional design element and also brings back memories of Africa that are very close to her.

Liz is the Studio Manager at the Parkgate Community Center in North Vancouver. This studio came into being in September 1999 and has been developed under her guidance into one of the best community studios available to the public.

“My passion for pottery has no limit, so when I am not at the Parkgate studio you will find me potting at my home studio on the Sunshine Coast where I also have a small gallery”.

Liz has a preference for earthenware vessels that are simple in shape and uses a combination of oxides and glazes to produce surface coloration on the raw clay surface that is striking but not distracting. She also has an interest in surface manipulation through carving and use a variety of different techniques such as sgraffito to create graphic imagery reminiscent of African woodcarving.

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