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Lincoln Heller

Lincoln Heller


Medium: Leather
Location: Vancouver, BC

Fiveleft was born from the desire to create things where construction, materials, and esthetics follow these principles…"

•Consideration of environmental impact

•Exploration of traditional or archaic techniques and materials

•Innovative style

Environmental consideration

I use only vegetable tanned leather, thread, and functional hardware that stand the test of time. The result is a durable product made with less waste.

The leather I use is derived from an ancient tanning process of soaking cowhides in a 'vegetable matter soup.' This process uses very little toxic chemicals and leaves the leather rigid and ready to be tooled.

From conception to production, my bags limit waste by using shapes and sizes that maximize hide use. fiveleft bags use very few parts, some as little as four pieces of leather.

The exploration of traditional or archaic techniques and materials

I practice many disappearing handcraft traditions that have been displaced by technology to meet higher production demands.

There is a tactile richness to something hand-made that cannot be synthesized.

The surfaces of my leather goods are fashioned by hand. We make impressions with recycled objects, like bicycle spokes, hood ornaments, and bolts. Then blend coloured dyes to create unique mottled finishes. This technique is similar to the tooled decorations on saddles, and leather bound books.

Innovative style

The fiveleft design practice follows two classic rules; 'less is more', and 'what you see is what you get'. This minimalist approach steers away from glue, synthetic replacements, and unnecessary embellishments.

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