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Laura Van Der Linde

Laura Van Der Linde

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2011

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Laura Vanderlinde inherited much of her creative spirit from her family. Her mother and grandmother were artists, a sculptor and painter, respectively; her father cultivated bonsai and her brother is a jeweller. As a result, her home environment was rich with art, artefacts, music and creativity.

Laura studied at the School of Art and Design of the Witwatersrand Technikon, completing a three year diploma in ceramic art. At the time, the Clay Department was transforming philosophies of clay from an Anglo-centric tradition focussed on the concept of “form follows function” to one that drew from South African traditions. Encouraged to explore and express the decorative possibilities of surface juxtaposed with the form of the vessel, Laura developed her colourful, playful style in this rich learning environment.

Drawing inspiration from a fusion of urban intensity and the natural and cultural beauty of Africa, Laura’s work is imbued with vivid colour and bold design, offering an expression of her cultural identity.

Laura creates durable, functional pieces out of stoneware which are perfect for daily use. All of her work is dishwasher-, microwave- and oven-safe.

“Clay is a fascinating medium to work in as it is earthbound and organic. It has gravity, weight and memory in that we leave ourselves on the clay each time we shape or touch it. Clay transforms, literally from mud to a permanent piece. It requires fire to make it solid, static and permanent.”

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