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Laura Vanderlinde

Laura Vanderlinde

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2011


I am addicted to clay, in the best possible way, it's a medium that allows me to express myself while creating utilitarian ware inspired for domestic use. Blending colour and surface while focusing are form are always a balance I'm aware of. I'm originally from South Africa. I played with clay at the tender age of twelve and became hooked. I felt like I had found an old friend. Both my parents were artists so it wasn't surprising. After a tedious schooling I ventured off to "art school" for 3 years and apprenticed with a couple production pottery factories. During the year I teach pottery and give workshops , while making a line or two of functional work which is stoneware allowing the use of dishwasher, microwave and oven.


I create functional and colourful wares for the home. I'm inspired by the world around me.

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