Laurie Rolland

Laurie Rolland

Laurie Rolland Potter

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Sechelt, BC


I use a mid temperature white stoneware clay. My work is primarily hand built and I fire in an electric kiln.


I have been a full time potter for over 45 years. I make hand-built vessel forms and fire my work in oxidation. There has been a natural progression in my work through the organic process-based approach that I use in my practice. “A thinking with one’s hands” forms a rich basis for idea development but besides technique and invention there is intent. Since 1997 I have used the boat, a feminine symbol of passage and transformation the world over, as a metaphor in my work. The most current work integrates the natural and the cultural object in an attempt to symbolically heal the conflict between the two, while recognizing that their unity is becoming more critical for the healing of the earth. These ideas, and particularly the recalling of the Feminine Sacred, inform and are manifested in my work, through form and surface, pattern, colour, repetition and scale.

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