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Laurie Rolland

Laurie Rolland

Medium: Ceramics
Location; Sechelt, BC

I live in Davis Bay in the community of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay. I moved to the West Coast from Ontario in 1989. My medium is clay, specifically a mid temperature, buff coloured stoneware clay. My work is fired in an electric kiln; the studio is a short walk up the hill from our house and from it I have a view across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island.

Most of the vessel forms that I make are handbuilt, highly textured and decorative only. Some parts are thrown and altered but I prefer to explore form without the use of a wheel. This method of working provides constant inspiration through the process itself. My texturing tools are all made individually from bisque clay; stamps, tiles, rollers, insuring a unique and personal vocabulary. Textured slabs are then used to build freehand forms or they are draped inside or outside a mould. The moulds are of my own design and made of bisque clay rather than plaster. Before firing, pieces are brushed with stain, some is removed and more surface treatments applied. A layered-up effect is also achieved by multiple firings.

Functional pieces have smooth glossy glazes on their interiors and are food safe.

Inspiration comes from the natural world around me and also the concept of the boat metaphor. The integration of the cultural object (boat) with the natural object (organic form) represents a symbolic healing of the conflict now existing between the two.

I am pleased to inform you that I have had two pieces accepted for the " Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2011" in South Korea. This prestigious show is an international juried multi-media craft exhibition with submissions from around the globe. The theme this year was "Not the New, Just the Necessary", my emphasis was on the "aesthetic usefulness beyond the implemental usefulness". My two entries were nonfunctional, each comprised of a boat (tray) with three teapot forms in interpretive 'travelling' mode.

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