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Lajla Hats

Lajla Hats

Lajla Nuhic

Medium: Fibre Arts
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2002


Lajla makes the most extraordinary things. Her hats are little textile landscapes, whimsical fantasies that cause people’s faces to light up with delight. Lajla has a wonderful sense of colour – some of her works are natural and neutral, some are earthy and complex, and some are vivid and cheerful. Some are embellished with surface pattern or buttons and have pattern built into the structure, while some are plain, to give emphasis to the form. Despite the humour and playfulness of Lajla’s creations, there is also a rigorous understanding of the relationship between form, material and colour; of balance, order and proportion, that reveals Lajla’s architectural training. She has a discriminating judgement that knows when all the elements are right. Her work also displays a mastery of technique and a high quality of craftsmanship. by Robin McIntosh, Architect


Making hats has a magical appeal for me due to my child-like desire to see the results of my work quickly. They also allow me to express myself spontaneously through texture, colour and a 3-d shape. It is a challenge to make them interesting and deserving of the "important" place they have: on the top of the head, that special part of our bodies which contains all our thoughts, memories and longings. A hat not only protects the head from cold but also adorns it, changes our image and affects our mood.

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