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Lajla Nuhic

Lajla Nuhic

Lajla Hats

Medium: Fibre Arts
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2002

Lajla Nuhic was born in Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although she is a trained architect, she has always had a fascination with hand-crafted work and has been weaving and crocheting for the last thirty years.

Lajla’s architectural experience imbues her work with a unique approach to form and structure. There is always a strict balance between form, material and colour, although she also allows for a sense of humour and playfulness in her creations. Her hats are not only original and functional, but also technically well-made and durable. As an artist, Lajla has a passion and commitment to discovery. New shapes are constantly evolving in her mind.

Many of her hats are made of bouclé alpaca yarn, often hand-dyed. She also works with mohair, cotton and hemp.

Lajla is the recipient of several awards for her craftsmanship.

“I see my hats as portable sculptures - personal objects which possess elements of architecture and landscape.”

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