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Ed Pretty

Ed Pretty

Medium: Wood
Location: Langley, BC
Member Since: 2010


Ed Pretty was originally taught to turn wood by his father when he was very young. Since 1988 he has received further tutoring by many noted wood-turners and has been exposed to woodturning techniques from throughout North America, Australia and Europe. Ed works almost exclusively with local woods, and if not native, at least grown locally. In addition to taking advantage of the exciting grain patterns in figured wood, he will often colour the wood using dyes or texture the surface in some way, adding a visual dimension. At times, he will combine both colour and texture in a single piece. His work has received multiple awards and is represented in collections throughout Canada, the US, England and in the Thai royal court. Wood pieces should not be displayed in direct sunlight, as ultraviolet light will darken the wood and affect the colour of the dyes. Avoid exposure to water, and if wetted accidentally, wipe with a dry cloth and allow room temperature air to circulate around it. Cleaning should be done with a soft cloth (micro fiber fabric is ideal) and the sparing application of a fine furniture wax. Bowls used for food should never be put in a dishwasher. Instead, they should be wiped with a warm soapy cloth then dried or at most, washed briefly in warm, soapy water then dried immediately. Wood will respond to changes in humidity throughout the seasons, and may cause temporary slight wobbling of the base or lids to stick.


“The turned wood form has been a passion for me for over 60 years. Woodturning allows me to explore the medium of wood in a way that engages both my visual and tactile senses. I find it most satisfying to create pieces that cause people to wonder both what they are made from and how they are made.”

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