Alice Phillips

Alice Phillips

Medium: Fibre Arts
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2019


Alice is a fabric artist working primarily in felt and, more recently, in silk and linen. She creates wearable abstract landscapes in the form of shirts, blouses, coats, hats, throws, scarves, and other garments, as well as hangings, sculpture, and functional art. Alice’s work has been displayed in both solo and group exhibitions internationally and locally. She lives in Vancouver where she works and teaches from her home studio.


When working in felt, I source a variety of raw wools selected for their felting characteristics, texture, and wearability. I hand-dye the wools to provide the desired palette range, and then hand-felt the fabric by layering and building up texture and colour to realize the intended design. When working in linen or silk, I start with high quality fabric yardage selected for its weight and texture. Prior to cutting and sewing, the fabric for each garment is laid up and dyed as a single-garment sized piece, and therefore every item is unique. Fabrics provide infinite possibilities for expression. There is incredible potential for an endless range of effects and patterns. Gardening is a great love of mine, and I am inspired by the garden and more broadly by nature in my designs and colour palettes. I also love playing with design, including shapes and textures, and repetitive motifs. And maybe most of all, I love playing with colour. I think that all these factors are strongly evident in my work.

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