Andrea Roberts

Andrea Roberts

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Vancouver, BC


Andrea Roberts grew up in Germany, where she graduated as a certified goldsmith from the prestigious College for Goldsmiths in Pforzheim, Germany in 1989. She worked as a goldsmith in Germany until 1996, when she decided to move to Vancouver and establish her own studio.

Andrea’s jewellery designs are inspired by shape, colour, dimension, texture, and the unique gems of Brazil. Her creations often embody sculpture, becoming wearable art that emphasize one-of-a-kind and timeless beauty.

Andrea carefully embraces the uniqueness of each gem in her designs, infusing them with her creativity, mind and soul. The balance of materials, textures and colours are what make her pieces exceptional.

All gems from Brazil incorporated in her designs are additionally completely conflict free.


My aim is to create a story with each of my designs to spark a conversation that mirrors a personal experience, family story, memory or inspiration that lies embedded in my jewelry. I am intrigued by colored, interesting gems placed in juxtaposition to a carefully chosen texture combined with a design application like foldforming that complete an original design. My inspirations often come from my travels, nature and art that have influenced me throughout a design finding process.

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