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Anson Hardjojo

Medium: Miscellaneous
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2023


Anson is an avid collector who has developed a deep appreciation for the artistry of fine writing instruments, particularly fountain pens. It all started with his first encounter with a Lamy fountain pen, which ignited a passion that would grow into a diverse collection of pens from various brands and with different nib sizes. As he continued to explore the world of fountain pens, his curiosity led him to uncover the intricate process involved in their creation. 

During his time living in Prince George, he stumbled upon a community of talented crafters, including a skilled woodturner specializing in pen making. Fascinated by the craftsmanship and the allure of handmade writing instruments, he formed a connection with the pen turner. Inspired by their expertise, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to learn and began honing his own skills on a lathe. 

Now, with a newfound passion for pen turning, he spends his free time in his workshop, carefully crafting unique and exquisite writing instruments. Each piece is a testament to his dedication and love for the art form. His collection continues to grow, not only in quantity but also in the level of craftsmanship and beauty displayed by each pen he adds to his treasure trove. As an engineer, Anson utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as 3D printers and laser engraving machines, to push the boundaries of traditional artistic techniques and create truly innovative and unique artworks that seamlessly merge engineering precision with artistic vision.


As an artist with a background in engineering, my woodturning practice combines technical precision with artistic expression. I approach the lathe as a tool for both crafting functional objects and creating sculptural forms, leveraging my understanding of material properties and design principles to shape the wood with meticulous attention to detail. Through my work, I aim to merge the worlds of engineering and art, creating pieces that harmonize structural integrity with aesthetic beauty.

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