Meira Mathison

Meira Mathison

Medium: Ceramic
Location: Victoria, BC
Member Since: 2023


Meira Mathison has maintained a studio, Dancerwood Pottery in Victoria BC for over 45 years. She has conducted workshops throughout BC, Alberta, Ontario, USA, England and Mexico. She is noted for her unique high-fire altered porcelain pottery using thick slips, layered glazes and coloured inlaid imprints. These elements create movement that dance throughout her pots. Meira was the Executive Director of the Metchosin Int’l School of Art for over 22 years and the Ceramics Co-ordinate for 8 years.


“I love what I do!”  Whether it is making a pot, discussing art vs craft with other artists or teaching techniques to people just discovering clay to stretching their abilities.  I love it all.  My pots reflect my life – ever changing, nothing is static; a life full of colour, fun, pushing the limits and challenging the day-to-day.  Clay is a large part of my life and my passion.

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