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Nancy Walker

Nancy Walker

Medium: Ceramics
Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2002

Nancy Walker’s artistic career began in the mid-1980s during her studies at Emily Carr College of Art and Design (1986). She went on to earn a BA from Simon Fraser University in 1989. Always keen to learn and develop her skills, she further studied metalsmithing and jewellery at the Universities of New Mexico and Oregon, and undertook additional studies at the New England School of Art in Boston.

Nancy likes to experiment with and learn from the materials she uses. She is a creator of mythologies and surprising visual possibilities.

In her red clay work, she speaks about the juxtaposition between city life and wild life using earthy tones of terra sigillata (pigmented clay slips): wild beasts, birds and circus-like figures juggle topsy-turvy and fly helter-skelter under tall colourful crowns of city dwellings. Open windows glow from sunlight by day or candlelight by night. Colourful cityscapes and snowy winter scenes adorn her ever evolving menorahs.

The clear glazed white porcelain pieces play with narrative and form. A more minimalist palette is created by the ever changing interplay of shadows and light, revealing a wide range of emotions in the detailed expressions of figures, animals and made-up creatures on the edges of her bowls, boats, and buildings.

Nancy’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 1984

“The making of one of my bowls begins after I have explored many ideas and drawn out a rough sketch of what I want to make. I have been hand building in clay for over 30 years and continue to discover new possibilities. I just have to listen.”

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