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Murat Senemoglu

Murat Senemoglu

Medium: Jewellery
Location: New Westminster, BC
Member Since: 2018

I am a metalsmith from Vancouver, BC. I have a bachelor’s degree major in Archaeology – History of Art. I have been making my own design silver jewelry for more than thirty years.

I am inspired by all the details I see in my daily life: the shapes, textures and patterns I see in nature, such as branches on a tree, different details in a leaf and especially reflections and movements I observe on the Ocean. I am drawn to the organic and irregular patterns of nature.

Each design portrays a slice of life, a perspective of the rhythm and poetry of the world in which we all live. There is a wonderful, universal language in jewellery art and I am dedicated to design and create particularly unique contemporary jewellery. My designs combine unique concepts with handmade techniques. I personally hand fabricate each of my pieces with great attention to details.

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