Mary Fox

Mary Fox

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Ladysmith, BC
Member Since: 1986

Mary Fox has worked as a professional potter in Canada since 1979. Her innovative creations have established her reputation as a dedicated and exacting craftsperson in her field. Mary delights in the challenge of creating contemporary works based on classic lines. Beautiful form, exquisite balance and a sense of contained energy are hallmarks of her work.

Her focus is on expressing the beauty and strength of pure form and then creating unique glazes that will enhance her vessels. For her decorative vessels, she has developed glazes that can imbue her work with the look of unearthed antiquities. On the other hand, she uses glazes in a variety of solid colours for her functional ware, which are designed with the user in mind.

Mary is a prolific artist and has received significant critical acclaim for her works, which have been exhibited nationally.

“I’ve been potting since I was 13 and still bounce into the studio every day full of energy and inspiration to create anew. Creating beautiful vessels for people to use or contemplate is a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend one’s life. I love making functional ware, love [the fact] that people start their days with coffee in one of my mugs or cereal in a beautiful bowl. When working on vessels created to adorn our tables, I derive pleasure from knowing that, through the subtle intimacy that grows from their daily use, these pieces will become treasures in people’s lives.”

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