Matthew Freed Pottery

Matthew Freed Pottery

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2019


My love affair with clay began in the early 1990s when I began taking lessons at a local stoneware studio in Winnipeg. Although there were some heavy duty sparks between us initially, we sadly parted ways when I moved to Montreal to study and then work in the marketing field. We toyed with the idea, but neither of us was into the long distance relationship thing at the time. When I moved to Vancouver in 1998 i met up again with pottery and the sparks of love burned were quickly rekindled. We have blossomed as a pair over the past 18 years - we remain completely committed and monogamous. For the most part we still get along extremely well - but pottery can be somewhat unpredictable and moody - so we fight on occasion. But our foundation is strong and we always patch things up. Over the years we’ve made so many friends who are kind enough to support us and appreciate us. So onward we proceed on this life journey together - slowly working our way to being old and gray and sitting on the front porch swing where we can reminisce about the good old days.


I truly love making functional art and exploring the limitless creative potential pottery offers me. It is a joy to connect with people through the use of my work, often daily.

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