Lea Abubo

Lea Abubo

Medium: Ceramics
Location: North Vancouver, BC,
Member Since: 2023 


Born in the Philippines, now residing in North Vancouver, I started on my pottery journey in 2014, following my deep-rooted passion for creativity and the desire to connect with nature. Recently retired from my 17-year career, I now devote my time to pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming a full-time ceramic artist. While my artistic journey has been largely self-directed, it has been enriched by the guidance and wisdom of fellow artists, mentors, and the pottery community. Their support and encouragement have fuelled my passion to new heights in my artistic practice. Inspired by the daily wonders of nature, from breathtaking sunsets to the intricate textures of rocks and landscapes, I strive to capture the essence of these elements in my pottery. With focus on simple and clean lines, my creations serve multiple purposes, to connect with friends to find both functionality and aesthetic pleasure in each piece.


Through minimalist design, unglazed textures, and a deep connection with nature, I invite you to explore my collection, to experience the connection between simplicity, nature, and the therapeutic qualities of handmade art.

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