Negar Jazbi

Negar Jazbi

Medium: Fashion Accessories
Location:  North Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2023 


I'm an Iranian-Canadian artist with a background in architecture and a passion for blending craftsmanship, design, and technology. My journey began in Tehran, where I was immersed in architectural heritage. After studying mathematics at Sharif University, I settled in Vancouver and found my true calling in design.
I pursued Environmental Design at UBC and earned a Masters in Architecture from the University of Toronto, exploring the fusion of art, technology, and functionality. Collaborations with talented designers and artists enriched my creative path.
In the United States, I ventured into entrepreneurship, specializing in 3D printed jewelry, but motherhood shifted my focus to handcrafting. Merging my architectural tech expertise with my newfound passion, I created a line of fashion accessories embraced by the community.
I'm excited about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance my creative vision, bridging tradition and innovation. Through my work, I invite you to explore the intricate beauty of our world, connecting across cultures and time.


Embracing the past while shaping the future. Blending the beauty of my Iranian roots with the endless horizons of technology. Join me on this artistic odyssey as we explore the harmonious dance between tradition and innovation.


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