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Joanna Lovett Sterling

Joanna Lovett Sterling

Medium: Jewellery
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2019

Joanna Lovett is a jeweller living on the west coast of British Columbia.
You can see Joanna’s love of nature in her work.

Joanna uses investment casting to create her signature soft-textured
designs. Materials are sterling silver and bronze and karat gold. She
uses recycled re refined precious metals wherever possible and the
sterling silver she uses is also anti-tarnish.

For the birds and branches collection that Joanna shows at Circle Craft
Gallery, her inspiration came from her time admiring her local birds as well as
from her travels to Italy. The birds you will find in her work are the Song
Sparrow, Chickadee, Wren, Nuthatch, Stellar Jay, House Sparrow and
Hummingbird. The fine branches that are part of the designs are cast from
actual cuttings of Olive branches that she collected and dried when she
was staying on a farm just outside of Bologna. When she returned to her
studio she then cast the cuttings into bronze and silver.

Joanna’s goal is to create pieces that will be a treat to the eye and a
comfort to wear and that they will create personal connections for the



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