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Jo Ludwig

Jo Ludwig

Medium: Glass & Metal
Location: Powell River, BC
Member Since: 2004

When working in glass, Jo Ludwig creates each of his small, glittering vessels using a technique known as kiln-forming. This technique involves heat-bending layers of glass, including at least one layer of dichroic glass, on a mould by firing the glass in a kiln. When working in metal, Jo works a lot with found objects to make his Steampunk/Folk Art birds that articulate and are banded. Most birds have a figure, or a little chair, behind one eye to provide a sense of scale and wonder, but also to heighten the mechanical aspect of Steampunk.

“I call each of my palm-sized, glittering glass vessels a “Thing of Beauty”, or ToB for short. Although I have a cynical streak a mile wide, my ToBs are happy and optimistic, and I hope they make you smile, even chortle. As for my sometimes nearly 2 foot wing-span birds, I hope they spark your wonder and imagination."

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