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Jan MacLeod

Jan MacLeod

Medium: Handmade Paper
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 1982


In the early 1980”s my passion turned from making pots to making paper. Working with clay was a daily activity for 18 years while I lived in Terrace, in the northwest area of B.C. Some experiments making paper from the plants that grew in the area opened my eyes to a new experience. Ever since moving to Vancouver in 1983 I have been on a wonderful journey earning my living exploring the paper medium. At that time I opened my business Plant Papers in a building in the downtown area and have proceeded to develop my own style of decorative paper made entirely from plants.

 Since then I have provided retail outlets with cards, bowls and artworks, worked with interior designers and home and business owners on various projects and continued to develop and work on new ideas using handmade botanical paper. Requests for site-specific art, gift items, or invitations continue to be welcomed.

All the designs and concepts I use have developed over time. Working every day at the studio makes the phrase “one thing leads to another” the appropriate one to use 

ABOUT PLANT PAPER (botanical paper)

From my first experiments with gathering plants to make paper I have continued to explore and develop a wide range of different papers. The plants give the energy and sometimes the color and the different methods I have developed provide the other effects.

My large selection of dried flower petals, seeds and other plant parts provide the textural elements when they are added to the sheets to make the paper needed for different uses.  Over time I have discovered the paper I make from plants is very strong and resilient and will last for many years. Using only fresh and dried plant material to make the paper seems to be the secret.

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