Jan MacLeod

Jan MacLeod

Plant Papers

Medium: Handmade Paper
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 1982


All the paper used in my work is made from plants. The process involves gathering the plants then breaking the fibers down by boiling and grinding to create a pulp. The pulp is added to a vat of water in which screens are dipped to make the paper sheets. Dyes, blossoms or other textural elements are added for colour or extra interest. When dry the paper sheets are used for collages, bowls, cards, vases books and other items.



In the early 1980’s my passion turned from making pots to making paper. Working with clay was a daily activity for 18 years while I lived in Terrace in the northwest area of BC. Some experiments making paper from the plants which grew in the area opened my eyes to a new experience. Ever since moving to Vancouver in 1983 I have been on a wonderful journey earning my living exploring the paper medium. The versatility of papermaking is exciting as paper can be made by layering, molding, pressing, embossing, sculpting and texturing by adding other materials to the pulp in its wet form. The paper can then be used to make artworks in so many ways that it is a never-ending process of discovery and experimentation. I design and make all the paper for cards and artworks in my downtown Vancouver studio and continue to welcome commissions for site specific art, invitations or gift items.


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