Frederike Rahn Ceramic Basket

Friederike Rahn

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 1997


Fredi Rahn is a potter and educator in Vancouver. She has been playing with clay since her mom signed her up for a community class in the third grade and is still excited about the territory left to explore. In 2020, she left her long-time east Vancouver studio and has been sharing a small space overlooking a beautiful garden in Kitsilano. She also attended 2 artist residencies in 2021, one as the recipient of the Strojich Fellowship (Medalta), and one as a mentor/resident (Shadbolt Centre). In 2022 she has plans to return to Medicine Hat and Zentrum fur Keramik, Berlin to participate in Artist Residencies there.

Artist Statement

A love of cooking and the social gatherings surrounding food are at the heart of why I make tableware - to connect intimately, through touch and use, to my audience. I am drawn to the materiality of ceramics - the plasticity of the soft clay, the unctuous juiciness of thick slip, the melting glassiness of glaze, and how each responds to the process - touch, tool, heat. The work is inspired by the rhythm of repetition; finding the nuances of form and the intricacies of negative space created by patterns flowing over curves. The little details; line quality, how interior and exterior meet at a carefully considered rim, how glaze reacts over a textured surface; these are how I hope my pots work their way into becoming the significant everyday objects in your lives.
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