Claudine Gévry

Claudine Gévry

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2023


Claudine Gévry is a multidisciplinary artist who dreams of creating a magical world where the vicissitudes of life are replaced with surprise and delight.   She is inspired by artists like American sculptor Alexander Calder, inventor of the art of mobiles, as well as technology oriented & experimental artists like Amsterdam-based Studio Drift.   

Claudine's natural curiosity led her to explore several medias throughout her career, allowing her to delve deeper into her ideas. Yearning for a more tactile and immersive experience, she departed from a painting practice to become a sculptor. Her work ranges from large ceiling height installations to jewelry pieces. She is interested in incorporating technology in her work and has been experimenting with LEDs, electronics and 3D printing.  When making jewelry, she especially likes using material not traditionally seen in that practice, like steel, aluminium & upcycled materials. Claudine is particularly excited about incorporating LED lights to her jewelry, adding yet another dimension. Lights cast reflections on their wearer, they captivate the viewer while taking on a personality of their own. All living things are deeply attracted to light, so isn’t it the best adornment we can wear? 

Originally from Montreal, Claudine now lives and dreams in Vancouver, Canada.


I am fascinated by shadows, reflections and the impermanence of things. Nature is my muse, its fragility and its capacity to adapt to different circumstances are among the themes nurturing my work. Inspiration comes from glimpsed moments; the play of light and shadows through leaf canopy, flying clouds, stormy seas and endless pebble beaches. I translate these imprinted images onto my work by the repetitions of dots, organic shapes and the use of light and metallic reflections.

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