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Claudia Hayward

Claudia Hayward

The Wooden Forge

Medium: Wood
Location: Maple Ridge, BC
Member Since: 1979

For as long as she can remember, Claudia Hayward has loved working with wood, thanks to her father’s early encouragement. Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Claudia is a self-taught woodworker who began woodwork as a hobby while still at university. After several years of teaching science and then working as a wildlife biologist, she and her husband Fred formed a small woodworking business called The Wooden Forge, specializing in giftware items crafted in teak and utilizing unique, handmade tiles, blending function with simplicity of design.

Today Claudia continues working and creating in wood, and has added a new passion: functional turned items. Utilizing mostly local hardwoods and keeping with her trademark simplicity of design, her work is intended for everyday use.

All of Claudia’s functional work is finished with a non-toxic finish that is completely food-safe. If necessary, items can be washed quickly in warm soapy water and dried immediately. Wood should not be left with food on it for an extended period of time, soaked in water, or placed in the microwave or dishwasher. Flat boards should be stored standing up to minimize warping.

“Wood is one of the most challenging media to work with since wood never dies – it will continue to move even when the artist has finished with the creative process. I think this is one of the challenges that appeals to me about woodworking, trying to anticipate the changes that may occur and make allowances for them within the design of the piece. And after the challenge is done and the final finish is applied, it still excites me to see the beauty that was once hidden in the tree.”

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