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The Wooden Forge

The Wooden Forge

Claudia Hayward

Medium: Wood
Location: Maple Ridge, BC
Member Since: 1979


I have always loved working with wood. My father was an avid amateur woodworker and involved me from an early age. After I married, my husband and I had a basement workshop and we built most of our furniture for our home. We soon discovered craft shows and that we could make a reasonable living working together doing woodwork. We gave up our “real” jobs, he as a teacher and me as a biologist. For many years we did many of the major shows across Canada, selling a variety of wooden giftware. After he passed away, I wanted to continue with the woodwork and discovered woodturning. Over the years I have taken courses with several well known woodturners and an am active member of the local woodturning guild. After 40 years of doing woodwork and selling at craft shows I still love what I do.


Wood is one of the few materials that brings its natural beauty without embellishment. I love the variety of the colour and grain of the local hardwoods particularly the Big Leaf Maple (Acer Macrophyllum). My aim is to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood in functional work, something that can be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

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