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Nicole Green

Nicole Green

Nicole Green Lamps

Medium: Paper, Wood
Member Since: 2021

Handcrafted illuminated light sculptures

Born from Scandinavian and Celtic roots, Nicole spent an unconventional childhood aboard a boat moored off Vancouver Island, B.C. Attending school on the mainland, her lasting curiosity about nature fostered a longing to create through connection with the natural world. While studying landscape design
and horticulture at Kwantlen University, she partnered with a highly regarded American artist and sculptor. Through his guidance Nicole developed an expressive style that pays tribute to the natural world, reminding us to slow down and reconnect to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Inspired by the B.C. Mountain scape and Pacific Ocean, Nicole channels dreams & unconscious symbols to create synchronicity-ty between the artist and the community. Mixing the media of driftwood and paper with light allows her to create sculptures that embody and radiate the beauty of natural life through shape and form.

"In my work, I deconstruct nature into elemental forms to tell a story that is part of our childhood and adult culture. I think of my installations as unfinished fragments of my unconscious that develop a storyline attuned to the viewer and enable a continued connection with the natural world around us. My arrangements play with the fluidity of light, inviting the viewer to move into a peaceful space."

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