Mikel Grant Jewellery

Mikel Grant Jewellery

Mikel Lefler

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Sechelt, BC
Member Since: 2009


Meticulously Hand-Crafted Jewellery for the Creative Soul. Because You Deserve to Shine. At Mikel Grant Jewellery, we know that you aspire to be confident & captivating, comfortable in your own personal sense of style. You choose possessions that represent your uniquely authentic self; pieces that speak to your creative soul. You walk your own path in life & love to inspire & uplift others. So do we. This is why we have been meticulously handcrafting jewellery with love, kindness, creativity & skill for over twenty years. Because you matter to us. Wherever you are on life’s path, you deserve to be seen & celebrated just as you are. You deserve to shine.


A quiet person by nature, I am happiest when creating. From the time I could hold a pencil I have been busily making things for others; from my earliest drawings to hand-painted t-shirts to the first incarnations of my jewellery. The power of self-expression through art has driven me throughout my life and given me a unique connection to others. My work is infused with love, care & skill because my “why” is making beautiful things to remind people that they matter and are appreciated.

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