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Kaye & Roberta Miller

Kaye & Roberta Miller

Medium: Wood
Location: Roberts Creek, BC
Member Since: 1978

Kaye and Roberta Miller have been woodworkers for more than three decades. The pair share a truly collaborative process: Kaye is the wood turner, while Roberta handles the flat shaping. Their interest in woodworking developed from a desire to reveal the beauty of grain, figure, chatoyance, rippling and other features characteristic of wood.

One of their signature pieces is their dyed and laminated hardwood letter opener, each one meticulously made according to an incredible series of steps. Each letter opener consists of 11 separately dyed veneers, which are impregnated with a resin to stabilize and intensify the colour. After assembling, the letter openers are individually sanded and buffed to a high lustre, the resulting polished surface the result of the resin in the wood rather than an additional surface coating.

Since 1985, much of their signature work has also been created using engineered woods such as Dymondwood™, Parallam™, and Timberstrand™.

Kaye and Roberta have featured their work – both utilitarian and large decorative pieces – at numerous shops and galleries across Canada.

“Our pieces are characterised by a finely-wrought finish and, where appropriate, utility. We love the grain, the figure, and the sheer tactility of well-finished wood.”


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