Cristy Johnson

Cristy Johnson

Cristy’s Jewelry Designs

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Sooke, BC
Member Since: 2023


With her self-taught wire wrapping skills and a discerning eye for precious gemstones from various corners of the world, Cristy has taken art jewelry to new heights. Crafting each piece using Sterling Silver and 14Kt Gold Fill, her wearable art creations are unparalleled in their beauty and uniqueness. Her exceptional abilities and meticulous attention to detail are evident in every piece, making them a must-see for anyone who appreciates exceptional craftsmanship.


Cristy Johnson draws inspiration from the natural world and brings it to life through her designs. Raised in the enchanting woods of Spuzzum, British Columbia, she has a deep connection to her indigenous roots as a proud member of the Nlaka’pamux Nation. Today, Cristy resides near the seaside in the picturesque town of Sooke, British Columbia, where she incorporates colours and shapes from nature into her work, such as leaves, trees, and the sea. She also combines these with geometrical shapes and art deco classics to bring an awe-inspiring beauty to her designs.   Cristy was the very first recipient of the British Columbia Achievement Foundation’s “Young Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and she was invited to participate in the celebrity gifting lounge at the Much Music Video Awards. These experiences and others humbled Cristy early in her career, giving her the confidence and inspiration to move forward with her designs.

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