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Anna Malkin

Anna Malkin

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2010

Anna Malkin grew up in Saskatoon, SK. She briefly attended the University of Saskatchewan in the Department of Fine Arts before eventually moving to Toronto where she completed her studies at the Ontario College of Art. After her first year in ceramics, she gravitated towards audio and video work and graduated in that field in 1990. She worked in the film industry for a number of years in Toronto, and simultaneously produced several film and video works.

Upon her move to the West Coast, Anna reacquainted herself with clay. Getting her hands dirty again has been a welcome change of pace from her computer-centric video work, although she continues to work as a video editor, animator and video editing instructor as well.

Anna's playful raku animals are a delight to behold, each with their own distinct personality. Whether set alone or in a group, these creatures are always a great conversation piece.

“2008 brought me to the West Coast and back to ceramics. Years later, I am still enthralled with the physicality, the immediacy and the spontaneity of clay and the raku process. I make sheep repetitively, like a meditation; I concentrate on the form, the expression, the character of each one. They rise from the ashes fully formed, in the gold glitter, crackle and deep black that only raku can bring. Equipped with attitude and curiosity, they question their flock mates, their audience, and their environment. I’m thrilled when people see past the herd mentality to recognize their inquisitive existence.”

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