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Deborah Sloan

Deborah Sloan

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Vancouver, BC

I was born in Nelson, BC, raised in Vancouver, and started working in clay in 1973, as an owner and manager of large pottery school.

From 1979 – 1982 I attended Emily Carr. In 2005 I went back for a BFA. I have been working out of my garage, selling, and exhibiting, while raising 4 children.

I use earthen-wares, and mid-temperature red and white clays. Everything is made as either slab or solid-hollowed.

There is a lot of attention to detail, using my own sigilattas, or coloured slips to enhance the carved surfaces, I am passionate about clay as an art material because it has been clay objects, past and present, that have provoked my most profound aesthetic experiences.

I work with the imagery of women, men, babies, and dogs – all domestic icons. I use these images to describe or illustrate something; a state of mind, a play-on-words, a situation, or a thought.

Some of the work 'functions' as jugs or vases, and some of the pieces are sculptural, declarative one-of-a-kinds. I use clay in an eclectic manner, always changing.

The pieces may vary in imagery, one from the other, but if the handling of the clay is observed it can be seen to be made by the same hand.

The intent of my practice is to observe, with a sideways glance, the most familiar figures around us, nudging the observer to see them in a different context. Click on below image to view full size.

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