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Jeremy Dane Morris

Jeremy Dane Morris

Medium: Glass
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2007

Born in Sri Lanka to British parents, Jeremy Dane Morris came to Canada as a young child and spent his early years in Southern Ontario. He received his university training at Guelph University, where he studied English Literature and Fine Art, majoring in printmaking. After graduating in 1979, he moved to Ottawa where he lived until moving to Vancouver in 1996.

Jeremy’s love affair with glass goes back over 25 years. For the first twenty of those years, he worked in stained glass, exhibiting his work at galleries such as the Wells Gallery in Ottawa where he was a featured artist from 1983 to 1991.

In 2001, after studying glass fusing and slumping with master glass worker Melanie Rowe, Jeremy acquired a kiln and began specializing in fused and slumped glass. Glass fusing involves the heating of layers of cut, stacked glass or glass powders inside a kiln in order to melt them together to form a single layer of glass. This fused piece of glass may then be reheated in the kiln and slumped in a mould to make bowls, plates and other relatively shallow forms.

Today, Jeremy continues to experiment with and refine his fusing and slumping techniques, always adding to his line of jewellery, plates and bowls.

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