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Haejin Lee

Haejin Lee

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2013

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Haejin Lee earned her MFA in Ceramic Art at the Hong-Ik University in Seoul.

Inspired by 20th century modernism and traditional Korean porcelains known as joseon beakja, Haejin focuses her work on simple and delicate forms. By excluding any unnecessary decoration, she instead focuses on the beauty of unpretentious forms.

Her unique and subtle style and the shape of her pieces cannot be produced by a casting technique. Each of Haejin’s pieces must be hand-shaped, hand-crafted and hand-trimmed by the artist herself.

In addition to her tableware, Haejin is renowned for her clay sculpture work, which has been featured in several exhibitions in Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and has also earned her many international awards including the MINO International Ceramics Competition and The Hagi Taisho Grand Prix of Contemporary Ceramics in Japan.

“My Interest in tableware started with the everyday pleasure in presenting and serving food. Rather than being admired in a closed cabinet, my pieces should be used. Inspired by 20th century modernism and traditional Korean porcelains, I focus on practicality and simple yet delicate forms, understated decoration, and subtle use of colour.”

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