Diane Paterson

Diane Paterson

Di-Fusions Glass Studio

Medium: Glass
Location: Chilliwack, BC
Member Since: 1984


I create original, nature inspired fused glass pieces that are affordable....my popular icicles, various Christmas ornaments, sun catchers and windchimes/mobiles.....each item is handmade, completely, by me. The glass (specifically tested compatible) arrives in 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ sheets - I hand cut the shapes required according to the design I’m doing. Occasionally, stained glass paints and enamels (powdered glass) are used to create detail. Once the pieces are assembled they are fired hot enough to melt the glass pieces together.....many pieces become one. Fired pieces can be slumped to produce bowls and other 3D objects. After firing glitter may be added to ornaments and hooks are attached to ensure hangability OR fishing line is secured to fused pieces to create windchimes. Over time my passion for glass and the excitement I feel, especially when completing new designs, has grown. I aim to do the very best I can do. Even duplicating certain designs over and over still brings me joy, and, the tediousness of repetitive work is replaced with a very peaceful, meditative state.


After several years teaching high school, a stained glass hobby led to my opening Saskatoon’s first stained glass shop in 1973: Glassworks, where I designed/executed numerous commissioned windows and taught, literally, thousands of people the basics of glass. I studied all aspects of glass with Internationally renowned glass artists from Sweden, Italy, Germany and the U.S, in 1979 and 1983 at The Pilchuck Glass School . Fused glass became my focus. I moved to Vancouver. My work was sold at Circle Craft, Craft markets, thru eastern sales reps and by myself at wholesale Gift Shows. Moving. to rural Chilliwack in 1996, gave me the opportunity to keep my horse, goats, chickens, rescued cats and my dogs as well as to continue creating fused glass pieces.

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