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ArtPen Studio

ArtPen Studio

Medium: Wood
Location: North Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2019

Pen and Arthur are originally from Taiwan, and they now reside in North Vancouver, BC. The studio was created as they were wanting to do something creative in the garage they had, a space that is unheard of in Taiwan with high density living and very limited space. The material they chose to play with was wood, which came naturally as they were extremely astonished and inspired by the abundance of greenery in North Vancouver. ArtPen Studio is the perfect outlet to merge Pen's background in art and design, and Arthur's background in engineering as well as his enthusiasm in machine and technology.

Each ArtPen Studio wooden creation starts with assessing the uniqueness of the natural wood, often locally salvaged in the Lower Mainland, then the look of the product is designed digitally. With the incorporation of modern maker technology by utilizing Arthur's hand-constructed CNC (computer numerated control) to mill, carve and shape the material, ArtPen Studio is able to explore innovative ways to instill contemporary aesthetics into functional pieces, such as clocks and toys. All the creations are meticulously finished to achieve ultimate softness to the touch and the natural texture of the wood is beautifully enhanced. Each ArtPen Studio piece is one-of-a-kind, designed and executed with thoughtfulness of the material as well as a constant strive for innovation.

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