The Circle Craft Christmas Market

For many Vancouverites, ‘Circle Craft’ is synonymous with the much-loved Christmas Market, held annually in the Vancouver Convention Centre. The Market has been a Vancouver tradition for over four decades and has traditionally kicked off the holiday shopping season in the city. The Market attracts some 40,000 shoppers eager to discover the creations of hundreds of Canadian artisans all of whom are jury selected based on talent and originality.

In 2020, Circle Craft made the decision to focus all of its energies on the Co-op’s artist members and their Granville Island store. To this end, they sought a partner to whom they could entrust the management of the Christmas Market. They were looking for an entity that understood and valued fine Canadian craft and who would appreciate the unique qualities and high standards of the Market. They found what they were looking for in Signatures Shows – a Canadian producer of premier handmade shows who has been in the business for almost as long as Circle Craft.

Signatures produces and manages twenty events each year in thirteen cities across Canada, including now, the Circle Craft Christmas Market. They have decades of experience, a deep appreciation for Canadian craft and a profound respect for the Circle Craft Christmas Market. Signatures will be managing the show in the same way and to the same standards that Circle Craft has done since 1972. The Christmas Market that Vancouver looks forward to every holiday season will continue to delight and surprise for decades to come.

NOVEMBER 10 - 14, 2021

Vancouver Convention Centre
1055 Canada Place

Apply to Become an Exhibitor

We welcome new exhibitor applications for the Christmas Market. Each application is reviewed by both the Signatures team and a jury of Circle Craft artists representing expertise in a range of media.

The guiding principle when selecting new work is a commitment to quality.
Specifically, the jury looks for:

● Excellence of design
● Uniqueness and originality
● Superior craftsmanship

All work is to be designed and handmade by the applicant.

Please note that there is also a need to balance the various media and types of work to provide the best overall experience for Market attendees.

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