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Vesna Jankovic

Vesna Jankovic

Medium: Jewellery
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 2000

Vesna Yankovich was born in Yugoslavia. She holds a Masters in Textile Art and Design from Belgrade University of the Arts.

Vesna creates three dimensional mixed medium objects in wire. She treats the wire like fibre, weaving it on the loom and then sewing it into bags of various shapes and sizes. She also crochets and knits the wire. The lacquer coating that gives the bags their flaming colours makes them tarnish-free and washable. From tiny pouches for crystals to densely woven vessels and airy square bags resembling lunch sacks, her creations are functional sculptures that can be used as a fruit bowl, candle holder, or vase.

Vesna also creates jewellery. Combining different techniques in one single jewellery piece, she creates interesting forms and textures. Her silver jewellery is predominantly made as a lost wax cast and then riveted, fused or soldered to achieve the desired composition

“My artistic statement is my work – jewellery made of copper, sterling silver, fine silver and gold. My miniature sculptures – as I usually see my jewellery – are my original designs. My sources of inspiration are tribal arts, pre-Christian pagan arts, ethnic arts from different parts of the world, traditional textile arts and objects from nature that surround us in this majestic wilderness.”

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