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Trish Moon

Trish Moon

Medium: Fibre Arts
Location: Gabriola Island, BC

Surrounded and inspired by the rich colours of Canada's West Coast, the "West Coast Musings" are superwash Merino wool yarns hand dyed over an open flame using a special technique that has taken years to perfect. Minerals found in the well water used for dyeing impart an earthy cast to all Indigo Moon yarns. Trish considers the yarns she chooses to work with very carefully - being passionate about animal and environmental issues, she feels it is important to source products that help support and care for the animals, the people and the land.

Trish spends much of her time dyeing yarns – both to use in her weavings and for crafters to use in creating their own works of art. In 1999 she closed her business in Ontario to move to BC and work with fibre full-time. Without any formal training, she jumped feet first into the world of weaving and dyeing and has continued ever since.

A calm and meditative environment is essential for Trish to create. In fact, she credits "weaving meditation" as THE key to the beauty of her creations and the comfort it brings to those that wear – and use – them. Weaving and dyeing from the heart – this is her gift to you. Trish visits the mainland a couple of times a year for shows, but the rest of the time is spent creating art and possibilities in the quiet, healing space of Gabriola Island.

Indigo Moon yarns and handwoven, bold, beautiful colours...positively West Coast!

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