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Tracy A Myerson

Tracy A Myerson


Medium: Wood
Location: Victoria, BC
Member Since: 2023


re-Tree loosely began at McGill School of Architecture, where I studied and fell in love  with design. Over many years, designing and making things, I always had the same  struggle. Most design is about making new things from nothing. We no longer live in a world where that is viable. Everyone talks about sustainability these days, but a TRULY sustainable product is something that you can make infinitely more of, with zero impact on the planet. It is making something very useful, and very enduring, from something that was labeled as garbage. 

When I moved to Victoria in 2019 (to have a spectacular little girl!) I learned that the city needlessly cuts down hundreds of boulevard trees each year. I was feeling frustrated and angry. These trees have been around for decades, they nurture and fuel our existence. We literally cannot live without these trees, and they deserve a new life. re-Tree is a collection of handcrafted pieces - live edge magnetic knife and key racks, coats racks, charcuterie boards and wall art - all made from these local fallen trees which were destined to become just wood chips or fuel for a fire


I get enormous joy from discovering, revealing - and sometimes enhancing - the secret treasures that lay hidden inside these beautiful trees, and I hope to give you and future generations that same joy. Every piece is totally unique, and I am inspired to make one of a kind art, meticulously crafted, that will last for generations. re-Tree is my small way of trying to make a difference in the world

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