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Kelly Backs

Kelly Backs

Tree Studios

Medium: Metal
Roberts Creek, BC
Member Since: 2011

Trained in Montreal under the tutelage of Polish, French, Australian and Czech masters, Kelly Backs has been working nearly 20 years as a traditional blacksmith. Kelly is the owner and operator of Tree Studios where he specializes in custom creations, solving metal problems with beautiful and unique solutions using traditional and modern techniques. His wealth of experience helps him to create lasting works of functional art from furniture to architectural iron and more.

Most of Kelly’s work is intended for indoor use and is finished with a wax mixture. Regular dusting is recommended; some pieces may require an occasional coating of a high quality furniture or car wax, preferably one that is linseed oil-based.

Painted or lacquered pieces intended for use outdoors that show rust will need to be scrubbed with Scotchbrite, washed with acetone, and recoated every 1-2 years. His titanium work requires no additional treatment.

Currently based on the Sunshine Coast, Kelly hammers away on the small acreage that he shares with his young son, their chickens, and the occasional bear.

“The permanence of my chosen medium gives me a special feeling of accomplishment when I have finished wrestling with the metal and I step back, see what I have wrought, and say: this is good. Beauty and function have an important place in the blacksmith arts, and most of the pieces I create have a utilitarian side. But as Buckminster Fuller said, ‘when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

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