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Eric Renken & Gabriele Schaub

Eric Renken & Gabriele Schaub

Jalu Wood Creations

Medium: Wood
Hometown: Powell River, BC
Member Since: 2018

Jalu Wood Creations is located on the Sunshine Coast between Powell River and Lund on the West Coast of British Columbia, which produces unique Waldorf oriented hand-made, and hand-painted wooden animal figures. The figures are of exceptional quality and design and are made from local Canadian hardwoods. These collectable hand-crafted creations inspire creative and imaginative play in children that will last for years. Each piece is individually made with non-toxic, water-based paints and natural beeswax finish.

The Making of Wooden Figures

The process in making wooden figures begins with a good supply of rough-cut, kiln and air dried local Red Alder. A neighborhood mill cuts the wood to specific required dimensions. I choose Alder wood because of its stable structure and excellent carving properties.

The rough-cut kiln dried alder is first planed to desired thickness and then I cut a profile using band and scroll saws. I Carve and shape the figures using simple lines and contours in order to capture a true essence and unique characteristic. Every piece is given a unique identity which provides variety. Some hand-sanding is done to remove any unwanted rough edges. The painting done by my wife, using non-toxic water-based paint. I then apply a natural bee wax polish for a sealed finish.

The entire work process takes place at my place of residence.

All work is done by myself, and painting/finishing by my wife (Gabriele Schaub).

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