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Earthly Creatures

Earthly Creatures

Cindy Cantelon

Medium: Metal
Location: Halfmoon Bay, BC
Member Since: 2017


1981-86 Cindy began her journey with metal after 5 years college and university of studying fine arts in Edmonton, Montreal and Banff with a focus on painting. After completing her studies in 1986, she was playing around making art works in photography and mixed media. It evolved into making primary working with lost wax making jewelry with precious metals and stones. 1991- present Cindy moved to Vancouver and began “Earthly Creatures Designs” created in silver, gold, pewter and bronze. Her love of nature is highly influenced in her art especially by the natural world of the pacific west coast the place she and her artist/goldsmith husband Marshall Mar call home on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.


My sculptures are inspired by my fascination and love for the forms and details of the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest coast and the my love of the creatures we share the earth with. Inspired by the details of nature, I’m using forms true to my subjects and my goal is to bring attention to the beauty of the natural world in metal. Columbia

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