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Earthly Creatures

Earthly Creatures

Medium: Metal
Location: Halfmoon Bay, BC
Member Since: 2017

My name is Cindy Cantelon and I'm very grateful to have chosen to create art early in life for my lifestyle and livelihood.
I've been creating my Earthly Creatures Designs for at least 25 years!

Earthly Creature Designs are cast fine silver pewter sculpture and wearable sculpture, based on the natural forms found in the flora and fauna of the pacific west coast rainforest ecosystems. A backyard collection, that's is my personal diary in a sense, of what I need to say and hold on to... all inspired by a love of nature.

Earthly Creature Designs are originally sculpted in wax, using lost wax casting method, cast in bronze. Reproduced in cast fine silver pewter, electroplated copper with our patina finishes. All Earthly Creature Designs are all made us and our assistances in our
studio/workshop located on the land we call home. We keep true to the handmade spirit by working with our hands, skill and creativity. We made each work with utmost care to create a beautiful, collectible and quality work of art. We do every aspect of the creating our Earthly Creature Designs but the copper plating, we do use an outside plating company who are experts in that field!

Made in small batches and sold through local galleries, a few craft fairs, and Etsy.

We will never have our work made by an outside manufacturer when we retire
so does our Earthly Creature Designs collection, many years from now.

I share life/workshop/studio/home in a coastal rainforest setting, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada with my best friend and fellow metal artist husband, Marshall. We live with our big dog Jack, Cedar Cat and Tippy the flying squirrel.

Thank you for letting us in your world and sharing a bit of our story.
Cindy and Marshall

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