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Dominique Bréchault

Dominique Bréchault

Medium: Jewellery
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since: 1998

Dominique Bréchault is an artist and educator who has lived in Vancouver for over thirty years. Born and raised in France, she moved to Canada after completing her university studies. She holds a Masters Degree in Art History from the University of Poitiers, and is a graduate of both Emily Carr College of Art & Design and the Jewellery Art & Design Programme at Vancouver Community College (VCC).

She has maintained a goldsmith studio since 1992 and has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally. Dominique has taught Continuing Education jewellery classes with the Vancouver School Board for twenty years and is currently an instructor in the Jewellery Art & Design Department at VCC.

Themes of journey and transformation are often at the heart of Dominique’s work, as well as the idea of “home”. She has furthermore always been fascinated by archaeology, and so often aims to give her pieces the look and feel of an ancient artifact recently unearthed.

In 2013, Dominique received the Mayor’s Arts Award for Studio Arts (Craft & Design).

“I see jewellery as more than body ornament. A piece of jewellery is also an expression of something I want to say. A piece of jewellery can be a story, a memory, a memento, a talisman, a reliquary. I see each piece of jewellery as having more than one function. Some of my pieces are “transformers”: a pendant, when it is not worn, can be set on its own stand and then becomes a small sculpture, maybe a focal point of contemplation. How the wearer and/or viewer interacts with the piece adds more layers to its meaning.”

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